I created this website to put forward my ideas of what to wear and purchase for people who have an interest in men's fashion, with the intention for readers to discover new brands, products, and ideas.


WEAR THIS SERIES                                          

Some Wear This posts will contain garments and accessories from brands I have experience with, but some won’t. Wear This posts will be simple, straightforward and crafted with quality “similar to the items I recommend”, while some will have no write ups at all. I want each post to be read effortlessly. Each post will have a variety of garments and sometimes accessories. For example, some posts will contain thousand dollar plus knitwear and others will have knitwear around a hundred dollars or even below. Most of the time the selection will have mixed pricing.  

Wear This posts will be constructed on each of the garments forming a full outfit. That absolutely does not mean you shouldn’t buy anything from that post if you can’t or don’t want to buy every item. The whole purpose of this series “and my other posts as well” is to be creative, develop your own style. If you don’t or can’t buy a four hundred dollar pair of pants — don’t. There are usually alternatives available.

Also, there will be Wear This posts solely dedicated to affordable and high-quality garments. Outfits I post will have a wide range of costs and of course, not every reader or myself will be able to afford some the items I recommend, let alone the whole outfit. Therefore, use them as a sample to help put together an outfit with garments you already own.

I encourage all viewers to make every outfit I post their own. My recommendations are mine and mine alone as everybody has an opinion "especially in fashion”.

Each item will also have a SELLOUT RISK SCALE ranging from Low, Med, High. Low means that item has a good chance to likely hit sale for the current season the item is from. High means this item will likely sell out before the season sale hits and if it does reach sale expect it to be sold out after the first little price drop or coupon released. Medium is of course in between and can go either way. This should help people who are unfamiliar with fashion decide whether they should buy that item now or wait if they want that item. This scale is solely based on my intuition, and in no way can I guarantee that something will or won’t sell out. Remember celebrities, social influencers, etc. have an effect on what sells as well.


I have more content besides Wear This posts, but I'm not going to lay out everything I will be doing right away. Just don’t always expect only Wear This posts to release. I have a lot of DIY fashion content that I know everyone will enjoy.

…this section will be updated as needed.


When purchasing high-end streetwear/menswear brands they produce a limited amount of garments. Then stockists buy only a certain amount of those garments as well. Popular pieces sell out fast and then some pieces go on sale for 70% off. 

Most garments and accessories can be resold on websites such as Styleforum, Grailed, eBay


There’s so much I have planned for this website! Wear This posts are a huge part, product reviews, DIY clothing tutorials and much more. I can’t give away everything at the moment but the content is going to be desirable. Thinking of all the possibilities is very exciting and makes me want to dedicate so much time and energy into this. I have a lot planned and I honestly want to provide the best content possible for all the people who read my website. Whether you are into fashion now or not, I hope you enjoy the content.


Help me out and follow me on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, share my posts recommend Attire Advisor to your friends and family, and even to random people on the street. I will have giveaways and contests in the future and following me on social media is key to hearing about all the great content to come.

Instagram is a great network to follow me on to get an inside look at how average my life is and see some of the products I own. I will be posting a bunch of unprofessional photos of all things fashion related.

On Twitter, I'll post a bunch of links to great products I think you should buy and even articles from other fashion sites that I have read and enjoyed. I'll post some useful coupon codes that I get through my personal email or notice while browsing online as well.