The Menswear I Wore the Most this Summer

I decided to be really particular on what content to put out first when I made live. I have been working on this blog for such a long time. So I do have a lot of content drafted for the future of this website. At least one of the three first articles I wanted to do something that gives readers an idea of what appeals to me in fashion. What better than listing the menswear items I wore the most this past summer. So that's exactly what I did.


Maison Margiela | Painted GATs

This particular pair of Margiela GATS in painted canvas has been my go-to pair of sneakers for around 2 years now. There are very few sneakers that go with everything in my opinion. Almost only solid black and solid white footwear will accomplish that. Very few footwear options will not only go with 99% of everything you own and upgrade your entire fit. This pair of sneakers does exactly that. I love how they dress-down an elegant outfit such a wool coat and/or a nice knit with a pair of well-tailored trousers and add that little streetwear IDGAF touch.

This particular version is long gone but may release again. Painted German Army Trainers from Margiela have always been a staple season after season. So check out the footwear section at at Maison Margiela’s website “linked below” and find a pair for yourself.


Eric Emanuel | Snakeskin Shorts

The mesh snakeskin shorts by Eric Emanual add some edge to what would otherwise be a simple gym short fit. They’re fairly new to my wardrobe but the few times I did wear them they looked great with a simple vintage tee and a pair of sneakers. The quality seems great and I haven’t owned a pair of basketball shorts that fit so good before.

The shorts are currently sold out but he has done rereleases. Best to keep up to date with his Instagram. Link to his shop is below.  


Ssense x Virgil Abloh | Workspace T-Shirt

Off-White has been a brand I usually avoided buying, not because it's not a great brand because it is, that's obvious. I just very seldom consider buying hypebeast-esque brands. With graphic tees coming into style more and more in 2018, and I don't see that trend dying anytime soon I actually have considered buying some Off-White tops. I feel like I can get away with wearing them now without it shouting "look what I got!". Anyways, I'm not even sure if you can consider this an Off-White t-shirt. It is printed on the same Off-White SS tees, has an Off-White tag, and comes in an Off-White bag. So I personally would say its Off-White. I was drawn to this when it came out because it has Ssense and Virgil's name/brand attached to it and I also needed some graphic tees in my wardrobe. Ssense is easily one of my favorite online shops. The outfits they put together for the garments they sell are by far the best I’ve seen. Virgil is amazing at what he does, what he accomplished is inspiring, to say the least. His collaborations with Nike are hard for me to put words on the reconstructed Chicago AJ1's are a grail of mine. So the combination for me can't get any better.

Sizes are running low and some size are out of stock on Ssense. Purchase while you can.


Banana Republic | Core-Temp Pants

Black pants are a staple in my wardrobe and should be in your wardrobe as well. Black pants are so versatile and come in countless variations; material, fit, and price. Even though they all essentially accomplish the same thing — being a pair of black pants, having a variety is essential to my wardrobe. This pair from Banana Republic is a fantastic summer pair. The material is lightweight, not so thin that it will ruin the fit by causing an unappealing drape. I have run into that problem before with thin fabrics. The fit is slim but not skinny, I personally avoid skinny black pants. The other great thing about these pants is the price, and the price for quality is hard to beat.

Banana Republic always has sales typically around 30-40% off. So you can grab yourself a pair of the above pants for usually around $60.

Black Product Filler 2.png

Vintage | SS Shirts

I just started getting into vintage shopping and for someone who just started, I got some great pieces. I’m really happy about finding these two shirts during this summer. The white shirt is very thin and made from polyester, it's quite stiff with really clean and minimal details. Looks great as a layering piece under a long sleeve flannel or denim shirt. The mint green shirt is supposedly 100% nylon according to the tag. I personally never felt 100% nylon that feels like silk but 100% silk is what the shirt feels like. Both shirts looked great when I found and within seconds of putting them on I knew exactly what alterations I wanted to be done to them. On the mint green color-way, I had a tailor take some inches off the bottom and make the collar narrower, like a more modern camp collar shirt. The white shirt just needed the hem changed, it was quite long and curved "definitely designed to be tucked in" which would look great but the chest was too wide for my body. So the hem of the shirt went from a curved hem to a simple flat hem. Hemming the shirt also left an info stamp exposed and I personally love that detail. I have to say these short sleeve shirts are far from the most expensive, and some of the many in my closet but currently they're my favorites.

Acne Studios and Our Legacy have a great array of "vintage style" garments. If you're looking for something similar that's where I would start. Both links below. 


Birkenstock x Rick Owens | Arizona Sandals

The collaboration between Birkenstock and Rick Owens is easily my favorite collaborations of 2018. I purchased the suede pair first in grey dust and wore them for two days and then decided it was time to grab the black leather pair asap. Smart choice! I definitely wear the black leather more than the grey suede they're more versatile in my wardrobe. I love how slides "with and without socks" upgrade outfits. Unfortunately for me I dislike wearing one strap slides or pool slides, whatever you want to call them. I just can't get used to walking in them for long periods of time. With Birkenstocks Arizona model that problem of mine is easily solved with great strap placement, the footbed stays under my feet as I walk having both straps. The extra holes in the extended straps, same material footbeds, and the colorways all make these worth the price increase from the regular Arizona’s Birkenstocks. I'm really looking forward to the next Birkenstock and Rick Owens collaboration as well.

Matches fashion “linked below” has a few sizes left and priced well below what most online shops are selling them at. Ssense also has the full range priced higher but with more sizes and styles available. There are a lot of online stockists that carry them and to save the most money look for them at shops that are priced in euros or pounds and keep and eye out for coupon codes.


Needles | 5-Cut Tie-dye T-Shirt

We're seeing more and more tie-dye in 2018 and this Rebuild by Needles t-shirt is easily one of my favorites so far. This tee is not for the let me just slide by unnoticed type. There's a good chance people will take a glimpse at you trying to figure out what's going on with your t-shirt. I'm cool with that though. I do love wearing this tee, details are unique, the fit is great and tie-dye is a great print to wear all year long, especially in summer. I usually wear it with black pants or light blue jeans and sneakers.

There are few online shops that have the ss version currently but the ls version and hoodie are widely available. Since it is getting colder in most places that should work in your favor. Check out websites such as Bodega, END, Haven for stock.


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