The Best Items and Place to Buy Dries Van Noten Right Now


If you’ve been into men’s fashion for some time you should know that Dries Van Noten has been somewhat difficult to purchase online (especially in the United States). Although, it has been getting better each year. If you didn’t know that, shame on you — because that means you haven’t been interested in Dries Van Noten and that means you haven’t been interested in Dries Van Noten (sorry, I felt the need to reiterate that).

Now, SSENSE (my favorite e-commerce website) got a massive amount of garments from DVN (the most I’ve personally ever seen purchasable online). With that said I felt the need to make a post to make anyone who didn’t know aware and anyone that did know more aware. No longer do you have to switch your country on an online shop and send e-mails saying you reside in the United States and want to purchase something from Dries Van Noten.

SSENSE has 3 pages full of items from Dries current season and I personally want them all. If I had no choice but to be frugal I would simply just get the 16 pieces below. Jokes aside, I would be happy to just get a couple this season.

So any reader knows I have no affiliation with SSENSE. I’m not making any commission from using the links to each product listed below. SSENSE is just an all-around great online shop that I’ve personally used for many years.



Slim Kline Suit


Beaded Clasen Shirt


Wave Carlton Shirt


Casal Shirt


Never Cardigan


Sequin Carlton Shirt


Wave Hostala Shorts


Wave Classen Shirt


Perkino Trousers


Nepal Sweater


Nebular Bi Sweater


Wave Shirt


Strap Slide Sandals


Perka Shorts


Perkino Pants


Classic Classen Shirt


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