Essential Unisex Skincare and Grooming Products

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Clothes are not the only items that can make you look fantastic.

A continual grooming and skincare routine benefits your whole appearance. Below is a simple list of all around best products to accomplish just that.

From face lotion that will make you look as young as Pharrell. A 3-in-1 soap that benefits you and the environment. A pair of nail clippers that are so sharp they’re kind of intimidating. To stain removers that haven’t found a stain too strong still and much more.

Also, the best bags to store all the products in to avoid a cluttered bathroom and an easy zip away from your essentials becoming travel ready.


Remington PG6170 The Crafter

For the man who likes to keep a little stubble on his face or his head. Titanium coated blades make a huge difference.

Purchase now at for $58.79


Double Edge Safety Razor

The razor that takes a little bit of learning curve to use but outlasts and outperforms all others.

Purchase now at for $57.99


Harperton Nail Clipper Set

Make a dull task like cutting your nails effortless and a little more enjoyable.

Purchase now at for $12.92

Tweezer_Guru_Professional_Stainless_Steel_Slant_Tip_Tweezer .jpg

Tweezer Guru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer

Tweezers are self-explanatory but a good pair can make all the difference.

Purchase now at for $9.97



A really handy invention. Keeping tide-pens on you wether in your dopp kit for home or travel and one even in your car is crucial.

Purchase now at for $6.84


GRANDMA'S Secret Spot Remove

For that super tough stain that won’t come out. A little more complex than the tide-pen above since it requires a ten-minute rest and a wash or thorough sink rinsing after. Personally tested and never got unwanted results

Purchase now at from $6.99


Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

A 3-in-1 soap that will do wonders for your skin and the environment. You won’t go back to your old product.

Purchase now at for $7.79


Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment

When it comes to skin and acne, simplicity is key and benzoyl peroxide is a proven ingredient in killing that pimple.

Purchase now at for $4.99


Glytone Hydrating Cream

A super simple, somewhat expensive (but totally worth it) all-year around face lotion. If it’s good enough for Pharrell and his wife, it’s good enough for you. It may seem expensive and might be compared to what you’re currently using but one of the jars lasts me three months and as I mentioned, totally worth it.

Purchase now at for $43.00


Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Eau De Parfume

A nice sent at a nice price from amazon. This bottle should last you quite some time.

Purchase now at for $172.90


What makes a good dopp kit?

- What makes a good dopp kit is composed of four things. Storage, accessibility, cleanability, and of course - style!

All three of the dopp kits check all four of the above mentioned components. You can’t go wrong with any option below.


Dopp Leather Seasoned Traveler

Easily the best dopp kit you could own. Quality leather, collapsible top, and adequately priced.

Purchase now at for $51.80


KATE SPADE pebbled leather dopp kit

A nice in-between of style and function.

Purchase now at for $128.00



This dopp kit has a little more style than function if that’s what you’re looking for this is for you.

Purchase now at for $195.00

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